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Unpacking Your Clock

Instructions for unpacking and setting up our Black Forest cuckoo clocks

     Congratulations on purchasing an original Black Forest cuckoo clock. With a little care your clock will bring you many years of happiness!

     Be careful when unpacking. Hold the clock by the roof and not the carvings when pulling the clock from the box. Here is a list of the more predominant parts of the cuckoo clock:


  1. Cuckoo clock              2) Head piece                 3) Pendulum         4) 2 Weights for cuckoo

                                                                                                     3rd Weight for music

Swiss chalet and Black Forest house cuckoo clocks do not have head pieces as in picture 2 above.


Open the back cover of the clock and carefully remove the paper from the tone spring on the inside of the back cover (5). Both wire clamps can then be removed by pulling them from the cuckoo pipes (6). Be careful not to bend any wires inside the clock. The back cover can now be replaced. Affix a nail or screw to the wall in the desired location being sure that it will support the clock and there is enough room for the weights to hang underneath the clock. Place the clock on the nail or screw using the hole located on the back of the clock (10). Open the wire bow that keeps the door to the cuckoo shut (7). For the next step the clock should hang on the wall to avoid the chains from slipping off the chain wheels. Open the small package under the clock that contains the chains (8) and remove the wire that holds the chains. If the chains are knotted, take the knots out so the chains hang straight and free. Hook the pendulum (3) into the pendulum guide (9) and hang the weights (4) on the chain hooks. If after hanging the weight on the hook the weight and chain drops, the chain has dropped off of the chain wheel. To return the chain to the chain wheel make sure the other weights are fully wound up and unhook the weights. Remove the clock from the wall and gently turn the clock upside-down. It is important to be gentle.  When the clock is turned right side up the chain should be back in place on the chain wheel. The clock is now ready to be put into service. Make sure that the clock hangs straight and runs properly. It is important that the pendulum guide does not touch the edges of the opening it hangs through.

     When setting the time, only use the taller minute hand. Never use the shorter hour hand. You may move the minute hand through the half hour and hour marks without awaiting the strikes. If you want the clock to strike on the hour, slow the movement of the minute hand 5 minutes before the hour. Take note that the clock needs to be in a moderate-tempered room in order for the pipes in the cuckoo clock to respond fully. If the clock runs fast, remove the pendulum (3) from the pendulum guide and move the pendulum disc down to make the clock run slower. If running slow, move the disc up and replace the pendulum on the guide.

     The clock is wound by pulling the ring on the end of the chain down which raises the pine cone weight up to the clock. One chain winds the clock, one winds the cuckoo mechanism. If there is a third it winds the music movement. When the pine cone weights have been pulled to the top 1 day clocks will operate for one day without rewinding and 8 day clocks will operate for eight days.

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