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Everyone needs to know the correct time to ensure arriving at work, school, or other obligations and activities on time each day. At Cuckoo for Clocks in Antelope, Ca., it is possible to find timepieces that are beautiful in addition to being functional. A cuckoo clock makes a special decorative statement in a home’s living or dining room with its classic elegance. The Black Forest of Germany is where the most attractive, one-of-a-kind cuckoo clocks are made by hand using fine quality wood, colorful paint, and metallic parts. Knowledgeable clockmakers spend many hours planning and carving the exterior of their homemade clocks before inserting the inner workings that accurately tell time.

Cuckoo for Clocks sells timepieces made by August SchwerAnton Schneider,  HonesKammerer Uhren HekasRombach & Haas, and Trenkle Uhren. Clocks made by experts from an authorized seller include a certificate of authenticity that proves the timepieces were made in Germany’s Black Forest Region according to specific guidelines. Anyone wanting a gorgeous clock that looks nice in different decors can find the perfect one at Cuckoo for Clocks. Our website has full color photographs and detailed descriptions to see an assortment of the clock’s tiny details.

Traditional cuckoo clocks from Germany have a small bird that pops from a window or door to chirp or sing. However, it is possible to buy other timepiece designs at Cuckoo for Clocks that reflect an owner’s personality. Customers can find delicate clocks painted in white that are perfect for a bedroom or a rugged clock with carved animals such as deer and moose that is suitable for a den. In addition to traditional designs at Cuckoo for Clocks, there are Swiss chalet cuckoo clocks and alpine cabin cuckoo clocks timepieces as well.

These handmade wooden clocks are wound to make the pendulums work with precision mechanisms hidden inside the timepiece. The weights hanging from the clock’s chains are traditionally shaped like pinecones found in the Black Forest of Germany. At Cuckoo for Clocks, customers can choose between clocks that are wound each day, every eight days, or even quartz that are battery powered with no winding required. It is also possible to select a handmade cuckoo clock that plays music to tell the time along with chirping. The artisans who make the timepieces frequently use other carved characters that pop from a door or window each hour.

In addition to our great selection of cuckoo clocks, we also offer weather houses and barometers that are hard to find anywhere else.

We at are constantly growing and adding more products all the time so be sure to check back with us often. We are dedicated to making your shopping experience for quality German clocks a great one so if you have questions about our products or would like us to suggest an item, please contact us.Check out our selection of cuckoo clocks today, and find the next addition to your space!

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